Hawaii Adventure.

Hello Readers,

Hawaii has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Hope you enjoy the photos.

My family and I have been to Waimea Falls; we swam in the waterfall there and it was incredible. We lay out on Lanikai Beach; think crystal clear waters and white sand. We’ve been to the Waikele Premium Outlets and Ala Moana for shopping. We’ve also hung out on Waikiki Beach and driven past the pineapple dole factory. We ate at a shrimp truck and got dippin dots!

We visited the attolls and snorkelled & visited Iolani palce which was incredible. A sobering moment was visiting Pearl Harbour but it was incredible. We were there at sunset and it was amazing!

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Down the Coast.

Hello Readers,

Recently my friends and I travelled down the coast to camp for two night in the Royal National Park. We swam at Wattamolla Beach, ate food and did a lot of walking. The views were incredible and it was so nice to get out of Sydney for a little bit without spending too much money or flying overseas.

We laughed and chatted and braved a storm with limited electricity and phone access. While the scenery was beautiful the company was even better and it was so good getting deep and meaningful with some close friends. I encourage you to do some travelling around your state or area. Jump in the car, stay in an Air BnB, in a tent and go see some local sights.

Hope you enjoy a few snaps of the trip and check out my last blogpost here.



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Travel Tips.

Hello Readers,

It’s coming up to the busy season (If we’re not already in it). I’m sure most of you will be travelling, whether it’s home for Christmas, going on holidays or treating yourself. I’ve travelled quite a bit and these are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up, they are pretty simple and focus on saving money or bag space. Feel free to comment any that you’ve picked up on your travels.


  1. Take out a couple of multiples before you leave

I guarantee you won’t need four pairs of jeans and six pairs of shoes and three bikinis. Get real practical about what you need. I brought 5 pairs of shoes to a trip to Japan and on the first day hurt my feet. I could only wear 1 out 5 for the rest of the trip. Pack lighter than you think, you can always (depending on where you go) buy more.


2. Tripadvisor it

Do your research. Knowing what’s around you, places you can eat, shop and visit mean’s less travel regrets later. In Tokyo you may want to find temples and in Las Vegas you may want to stay in a particular themed hotel. If you haven’t researched you won’t know. Also, even though there are set ‘tourist’ attractions that your ‘meant’ to see make sure you prioritise going to what YOU want to see. Activity wise if you love museums going to the MOCA over Disneyland might be a better idea.


3. Go with a partly full suitcase

While this isn’t a groundbreaking tip you’ll shock yourself with how heavy all of your new goodies and purchases are. When I went to Hawaii I bought a few of the three wick candles from bath and body works only to realise that they were really really heavy and we had organised carry on only. When travelling to shopping destinations only pack the basics. A sub-tip is to wear clothes over on the plane that are old and throw them out when you get there (extreme but yes I’ve done this before! haha).


4. Swap out expensive activities for the cheaper or free versions

I’ve travelled to Hawaii several times and while there are certain popular paid activities that you can’t replicate (Pearl Harbour or Iolani palace) there are many you can do on the cheap. Choose to snorkel in Hanauma Bay rather than do a snorkel tour. Choose to watch the public luau performances rather than pay for luaus. Do the Diamond Head hike rather than seeing the hawaiian nature in a helicopter.Swapping out more expensive activities that are similar leaves money for things you can’t do for free and eating/shopping etc.


5. Go basic for accommodation

Let’s be real unless it’s a skiing trip or honeymoon or a special trip like that in general you probably won’t spend much time in your hotel room. In Tokyo I stayed in a ryokan which has comfortable beds on the floor and you share it with friends (it’s quite small). We saved heaps of money and we were only there to sleep. Consider a more basic hotel room or staying in an Air BnB to save money.


Hope you liked some of my tips and tricks for travel!

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