We need to talk about Parkland.

Hello Lovely Readers,

This post will be on the unedited/rawer side then most of my other posts or content. Quickly before I go into this subject – I have been loving the Winter Olympics and might do a blog post on ski wear/ski gear/aspen inspired looks?! Let me know your thoughts down below.

2018 Parkland. 17 dead. Teachers & Children & School Staff. Many more injured and even more traumatised by one man with an incredibly dangerous weapon. I was born in 1996 in July. A few months before I was born in April of ’96 at Port Arthur 35 people were murdered by a man with an incredibly dangerous weapon. More just like Portland were injured and traumatised.

The craziest part of this situation is not just the death toll, the many many massacres in the US or the determination of certain groups to restrict gun licenses or make guns available; it is that I have never lived through a mass murder that has occurred on Australian shores.


I’ve never feared going to school. I’ve never feared going to uni. I’ve never feared going to the movies… never feared being shot to death by a lone shooter or as some say a ‘home grown terrorist’.

While I don’t want to get into the specifics of gun laws (I have strong opinions) plus to be honest as an Australian I don’t know a whole lot and have never had to grow up with it;I do want to comment on 2 aspects of this situation.

  1. We have to keep talking about these events & talking about those who were killed as people and not numbers.

I think what I’ve realised is that to an extent I have ‘mass shooting fatigue’. My initial reaction to this tragedy was not sadness but exhaustion and thinking ‘at least it’s not too bad’. Which is insane because these are people’s lives. They have families and friends and jobs and first kisses and prom and Macca’s runs to experience or look forward to. Just because it’s not ‘as bad’ as Vegas or ‘worse’ than Sandy Hook it doesn’t make any tragedy less or worse or more deserving. People have died. It should be enough for these events to stay on the air and be talked about until something changes.

2. Right to bear arms is considered more important than the right to life

Essentially at this point the right to carry a weapon – the key argument for gun lobbyists is that having a weapon to defend oneself with is crucial to living life normally. However this kind of mentality is what’s stopping major action. I’m not talking about handguns or small firearms but automatic and semi-automatic rifles? Guns that can kill so many – who needs them? Do you really value human lives over the right to carry a weapon that likely wouldn’t help in such a situation?As a How many people need to die until this attitude changes? It really makes you assess what a human life is worth to some people. Every time a massacre happens they are deaths that didn’t have to happen.

Can you imagine losing your life so needlessly? When a law could have passed that could have prevented the hundreds of lives lost before Vegas, before Miami, before Sandy, before Virginia Tech.


As an Australian I know I don’t have the strongest say or voice in this matter.. it’s not my country. But as someone who has lived without fear of this kind of attack and yet has viewed so much tragedy these events can’t be viewed as the new normal. Action needs to be taken.

Much Love & Stay Safe – TRC x


How to succeed in 2018 – Top tips for starting this year right.

Hello Lovely Readers!

Jan is the month of changing it up, making your life a little less stressful and spending a little more time out conquering the world and fulfilling your huge dreams! Here’s some tips I have for doing the next couple of weeks right and setting yourself up for a stellar, sparkly 2018.

Wardrobe Clean Out/Make Up Decluttering

A little bit of cleaning goes a long way. You’d be surprised at how much better you feel in the space that you clean. Get rid of old clothes or products and take note of what you now need. I did a huge clean out of my car and got it carwashed. It’s so much nicer to be in and my mood has subtly improved being in my car. Go the whole mile – cleaning products, fixing furniture and replacing anything that needs replacing. You’ll end up spending less time than if you drag it out over a few weeks or months. Ps. Chuck on some youtube vids about it – it’s weirdly fun to watch other people clean and you can almost clean together?! (cleaning date with zoella anyone?)

Set a small goal for January

I always see older people (my mum and her friends) doing those photo challenges where you post a picture of something starting with a letter of the alphabet or 10 people you appreciate in a month. I’d always think to myself how hilarious it was. They weren’t posting selfies or pictures of pretty places. It was always so so random. But I think they were on to something. It’s nice to succeed and often the success has a snowball effect. When you have something tangible you’ve achieved and results you can see it strengthens your motivation for trickier and more time consuming goals. It’s nice when you catch up with friends to have something to talk about; something your really really proud of – no matter how mundane.

Find a secluded ‘happy’ place

Ahhh the old happy place eh?! I’m sure 90% of self help books and blogposts talk about having a happy place. So I guess I’m riding on the bandwagon with this advice. BUT to switch it up I’m specifying that there are no phones, no media and no friends. There needs to be somewhere you go for an hour or two at a time for some solitude. It could be the beach, walking a trail or go to a comedy club, a movie, salon, a cafe visit .. even walking around the shops by yourself. The key point here is no interruption or if people are around being able to tune them out. Bring a notebook and pen and write down any inspiration, any worries you have or anything you have to do. Setting aside this little slice of you time means you stay focused on where your going this year and fulfilling the goals you have. This leaves you present for the rest of the week. Almost like having a pow wow with yourself. The corporation/business of you.

Date with a diary

I’ve always found keeping a planner or diary (the dates and keeping track of life type!) tricky. I’d buy one that was beautiful but forget to use it. So this year I’m changing my perspective and viewing it as a meeting with the corporation of me. Every week or two I sit down and write everything in it – notes from my phone, dates via email and facebook events.  I’ve found that a planner works as a good way of compiling everything into one. I check it every day and write notes and small to-dos in there for the next day or week. The reason it works is that I can visually see what I’ve got on and where gaps are in the schedule for coffee dates, picking up work shifts and doing errands. #newyearnewmewhoneverforgetsanything hehe

Treat Yo Self

Regardless of how your 2017 went (real talk.. mine was not that great) treat yourself to something small right now. You got through a year and came out the other side of it. I think it’s something we all joke about doing but choose something small under $100/$50 – an album, getting a facial,  go see a movie by yourself. It will put you in the mood to conquer 2018 and to give yourself something celebrate even if 2017 was a downer. For me it was getting my nails painted bright red.. both on trend and a power colour. It cost me $25 but I left feeling like I could do anything that’s thrown at me.




My goal for January 2018 was to take more pictures of the beach and choose 8 to post on Instagram. Not only do I think my photography’s improving it’s so nice to have something to work on while there isn’t any uni/school/more free time!

Much Love! The gram is linked here.


What’s in store for The Retrograde Collective for 2018.

Hello Lovely Readers,

I’ve found that while I’m a messy person I love organisation. Go figure, right? While I can’t keep my room that tidy I have an unhealthy obsession with closet organisation vids. The only explanation I have is that I like to understand how people put together their closet. How do they make it functional? Get rid of clothes they don’t need? Allocate space?

Weird analogy but that’s what I want to do here. Give you an idea of what to expect and what’s coming up. I’d love to get into a routine to help commit to blogging. I’ve found my favourite bloggers and YT-ers are those that are consistent and have series. Soooo here’s a preview of how I’d love to blog for y’all in the next little while.

I’m keen to commit to 2 to 3 blog posts a week.

Series include.. (as well as an oldie but a goodie to read if your new!)

  • Style – New Trends, How to wear/dress certain pieces for certain events and anything and everything style related. FASHUN. Click here for an old post.
  • TRC adores – The TRC version of favourites.. could be monthly or a Top 5 situation. Let me keep a little mystery and surprise you. Click here for an old post
  • Catch Ups – Bring your tea or coffee and sit back. I’ll be discussing something close to my heart or something I feel should be discussed. Click here for an old post
  • In the New Review – Love me some aesthetic cafes and films in particular – while all may not be new they are new to me and my eyes and lips (that’s getting a little weird) I’d love to share my review of whatever it may be. Click here for an old post


COMING SOON. I’m trying out some new content ideas. Loved the editorial last year .  

Hopefully it includes some podcasting (How good are podcasts!) and some vids.


Thanks for joining me or jumping back on the bandwagon of The Retrograde Collective!


ps. if you really love clicking here’s a quick link to the gram! 


Newness – Favourites.

Hello lovely readers!

It’s been a good while but I’m back equipped with a better camera, better design savy-ness and more personal-lifestyle experiences to share!

Thanks for coming along on the journey! Here’s a sneak peak of the cover of an editorial type blogpost/idea.


Copy of The RTRGD EDIT


Much Love,

The Retrograde Collective xx

Exclusion // chats & chai lattes

Hello Readers!

Recently I’ve been chatting to my friends about exclusion and whether your 5 or 55 exclusion hurts. But especially around the age I am now (18 to 25 year olds can I see yo hands up!) it’s particularly hard. I’m turning 21 this year and what I’m thinking about isn’t so much the theme or what flower crown I’ll wear or looking up DIY’s to make said flower crown because of lack of finances; but in fact how many people and who. Some friends are throwing massive bring yourself, +1s and your nieces, grandparents and dog birthday bashes while others are strictly quiet affairs with just some of their closest.

Ps. This is a long one so about now I’d grab a coffee or popcorn! haha!

To be frank I’ve been on both sides of this equation. Being included and others excluded and being excluded while others are included. It happens in gatherings, less important birthday’s such as 20th’s and coffee dates. I’ve realised as I’ve grown up that I love my bed and being at home more and I don’t care as much about not being invited to things. I think it’s something that happens as you get older. BUT there is one aspect of exclusion that I’ve started to understand in the last little while… 99% of the time it isn’t personal.

Look there may be 1% of situations where the person involved really wants to make you feel bad and leave you out but what I’ve had to learn is to take the personal out of it. Maybe it was last minute? Maybe there was a price limit on the amount of people? Maybe you aren’t as close to them as you thought? When you put being excluded into perspective, generally there’s an unrelated reason why.

For those of you who feel like it is personal I gathered the info and advice from my friends and their experiences; some extremely scientific research. Firstly if you feel that way talk to your friend or co-worker or uni buddy. It’s easier to talk about it behind their back or to leave them out of what you do but if you go straight to the source you can usually figure out pretty quickly what the situation is. AND it means there’s no jumping to conclusions if it was an honest mistake. If it continues to happen after you’ve spoken to them; leave it. You’ve done what you can and if they continue to act immaturely or hurtfully then that’s on them.

Work on yourself too – to have good friends you have to be a good friend. Invite people on coffee dates or text them when you know they’re going through stressful situations. A little goes a long way. This is my two cents on the subject but I’d love to hear what you think and any tips you have for excluding exclusion!


Check out my updated blog formatting! Hopefully it’s simpler and easier to use AND aesthetically pleasing. My last Chats & Chai Lattes you can find here.

Much Love, The Retrograde Collective xx

Chats & Chai Lattes

Hello Readers,

Part of my New Year goals (aka resolutions but that seems to be a dangerous word, goals seems a little more achievable!) was to work on my blog. More focus on details & photography but in particular trying new series, formats and ideas. Eventually I hope that I can funnel it down to a few things I love to talk about and you guys want to read.

Going along with those goals, I myself (and hopefully you guys!) love bloggers who feel like your best friend, you can relate to them and want to get to know them. There isn’t too much about myself here other than my fashion favourites and style opinions but I’d like to change that. I was inspired by Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere; her weekday wardrobe posts are a must see for everyday fashion inspiration. She does posts about a certain topic and includes not only her opinion but the opinion of her husband and workmates.

I’d love to do a similar thing, talk about topics and get deep and meaningful. Even though the blog I run is a little mishmash of fashion, food and travel I’d love you guys to get to know me and for me to get to know you. These posts might be a little longer but I hope they make you think and inspire you to try things and do things that you might’ve thought you’d never be able to do.

I love long phone chats and those coffee dates where you get two coffees because the conversations are so interesting. I apologise to all those sydney cafes who’s table I’m hogging from new customers with more money to spend than I.

Let me know what you think!

Much love,

The Retrograde Collective xx