The Collective’s Guide to Cheap Holidays.

Hello Lovely Readers!

For some of you the end of Summer is near (I’m crying big tears right now) and for others Summer is on the horizon! I don’t know about you but for me Summer = Holidays. I know from my own experience and that of my friend’s; saving your dollars and cents can be tricky especially for big destinations. Those part time jobs or casual jobs or temp jobs or coming back to work after maternity leave and more doesn’t leave you with a lot of free cash. Not #makingitrain.

In order to help you here’s another new series on TRC (DRUMROLL PLZ)

“The Collective’s Guide to…”. I’ll be throwing ideas, advice and more at you in order to help ya live ya life! Here’s some of the tops tips for saving on a holiday as surveyed by myself & friends & co.


  1. Carry On only

Yessss that means you won’t be able to bring all 7 pairs of sandals, 3 pairs of slides and 5 pairs of trainers because you promised yourself you’d workout. BUT when taking a low cost carrier to domestic or short international flights it can work out to be a saving of $40 to $80 return. This tip is best used for weekend vacays or trips to tropical destinations where you live in denim shorts and a bikini. I promise you won’t miss your sarong.. or you can buy one with your savings.

2. HostelWorld 

For all my friends visiting Europe it’s been about hostels, hostels and more hostels. In all fairness this doesn’t work for families but travelling to any expensive destination can be made significantly cheaper by staying at a hostel. Not only does the younger company make it a bit safer if your travelling by yourself; most have breakfast included. Not only are most $50-$60 a night or less, the free breakfast/wifi can scrap another $15-$20 off your food budget and internet roaming.


3. Skip Meals Out

Woah woah I can’t skip food. I hear your internal monologue y’all but on a recent trip to Melbourne what helped save some moula was eating a large brunch and dinner with snacks to help tide us over. Rather than $20 to $25 per meal ($60-75 all up) we’d spend $35-50 and have cheap cups of yoghurt, fruit & crackers. These snacks cost us $20 per person ($70/80 at the grocery store) but saved us in the long run.

Ps. We went one day to have a buffet brunch for $22 each which was SO good and we really filled up.. another op if you get famished real quick.

4. Fly into a smaller airport

Often with large cities there are multiple airports; nab a great deal at a smaller one and take public transport into your accom. With bus fares or trains costing less than $10 or $15 in most countries, depending on the deal you can often get flights for $50 to $100 less. It might take a little hustle and travelling but that could equal up to a museum pass or a fancy meal.


5. Travel with ‘family’

There’s heaps of discounts for travelling with friends.. split food, accom, drinks and transport. Rather than by single drinks by a jug and share. Share entrees at restaurants. Share ubers. If possible by multi day passes and pass them along. If renting an apartment/house see if they have an extra mattress or sofa bed. Often travel passes will give you % discounts if your buying multiples at one time such as eurail which gives 15% off. Really google into what you can and can’t split OR discounts for multiples.


Travel Well!

TRC xx




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