We need to talk about Parkland.

Hello Lovely Readers,

This post will be on the unedited/rawer side then most of my other posts or content. Quickly before I go into this subject – I have been loving the Winter Olympics and might do a blog post on ski wear/ski gear/aspen inspired looks?! Let me know your thoughts down below.

2018 Parkland. 17 dead. Teachers & Children & School Staff. Many more injured and even more traumatised by one man with an incredibly dangerous weapon. I was born in 1996 in July. A few months before I was born in April of ’96 at Port Arthur 35 people were murdered by a man with an incredibly dangerous weapon. More just like Portland were injured and traumatised.

The craziest part of this situation is not just the death toll, the many many massacres in the US or the determination of certain groups to restrict gun licenses or make guns available; it is that I have never lived through a mass murder that has occurred on Australian shores.


I’ve never feared going to school. I’ve never feared going to uni. I’ve never feared going to the movies… never feared being shot to death by a lone shooter or as some say a ‘home grown terrorist’.

While I don’t want to get into the specifics of gun laws (I have strong opinions) plus to be honest as an Australian I don’t know a whole lot and have never had to grow up with it;I do want to comment on 2 aspects of this situation.

  1. We have to keep talking about these events & talking about those who were killed as people and not numbers.

I think what I’ve realised is that to an extent I have ‘mass shooting fatigue’. My initial reaction to this tragedy was not sadness but exhaustion and thinking ‘at least it’s not too bad’. Which is insane because these are people’s lives. They have families and friends and jobs and first kisses and prom and Macca’s runs to experience or look forward to. Just because it’s not ‘as bad’ as Vegas or ‘worse’ than Sandy Hook it doesn’t make any tragedy less or worse or more deserving. People have died. It should be enough for these events to stay on the air and be talked about until something changes.

2. Right to bear arms is considered more important than the right to life

Essentially at this point the right to carry a weapon – the key argument for gun lobbyists is that having a weapon to defend oneself with is crucial to living life normally. However this kind of mentality is what’s stopping major action. I’m not talking about handguns or small firearms but automatic and semi-automatic rifles? Guns that can kill so many – who needs them? Do you really value human lives over the right to carry a weapon that likely wouldn’t help in such a situation?As a How many people need to die until this attitude changes? It really makes you assess what a human life is worth to some people. Every time a massacre happens they are deaths that didn’t have to happen.

Can you imagine losing your life so needlessly? When a law could have passed that could have prevented the hundreds of lives lost before Vegas, before Miami, before Sandy, before Virginia Tech.


As an Australian I know I don’t have the strongest say or voice in this matter.. it’s not my country. But as someone who has lived without fear of this kind of attack and yet has viewed so much tragedy these events can’t be viewed as the new normal. Action needs to be taken.

Much Love & Stay Safe – TRC x


5 Movies to celebrate Val Day.

Hello Lovely Readers,

A quick read today and catching up a bit. It’s insane to me that it’s already Feb. I mean seriously?! BUTTT considering this is the season of Lurvvvvve.. I thought I do a quick round up of the films you need to watch today! (or the day after when you buy the chocolate at 90% off)



Watch Because: I have no words. It’s a marathon so bring yo popcorn and heart shaped chocolates.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 7.59.17 pm



The Notebook

Watch Because: I don’t cry in movies but if you want a heart breaker.. be prepped to cry at the end. How I lowkey want my life to go (along with boating in the rain!)

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.59.18 pm



Crazy, Stupid, Love

Watch Because: A genuinely hilarious movie that is smart and full of red herrings. Contains RyGos ab action. For val day with the gals.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 7.58.37 pm


10 Things I hate about you

Watch Because: It’s HEATH LEDGER. And it’s Heath Ledger singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. The Serenade of all Serenades.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.56.27 pm



The Proposal 

Watch Because: Maybe the silliest and light hearted of the bunch – the cast is stellar and this really is some of Sandy B’s best work in recent years. So ridic it’s good! One for the galentine’s!

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 8.00.04 pm


Enjoy your galentine’s/valentine’s/brolentine’s!

Love – TRC x

The Collective’s Guide to Cheap Holidays.

Hello Lovely Readers!

For some of you the end of Summer is near (I’m crying big tears right now) and for others Summer is on the horizon! I don’t know about you but for me Summer = Holidays. I know from my own experience and that of my friend’s; saving your dollars and cents can be tricky especially for big destinations. Those part time jobs or casual jobs or temp jobs or coming back to work after maternity leave and more doesn’t leave you with a lot of free cash. Not #makingitrain.

In order to help you here’s another new series on TRC (DRUMROLL PLZ)

“The Collective’s Guide to…”. I’ll be throwing ideas, advice and more at you in order to help ya live ya life! Here’s some of the tops tips for saving on a holiday as surveyed by myself & friends & co.


  1. Carry On only

Yessss that means you won’t be able to bring all 7 pairs of sandals, 3 pairs of slides and 5 pairs of trainers because you promised yourself you’d workout. BUT when taking a low cost carrier to domestic or short international flights it can work out to be a saving of $40 to $80 return. This tip is best used for weekend vacays or trips to tropical destinations where you live in denim shorts and a bikini. I promise you won’t miss your sarong.. or you can buy one with your savings.

2. HostelWorld 

For all my friends visiting Europe it’s been about hostels, hostels and more hostels. In all fairness this doesn’t work for families but travelling to any expensive destination can be made significantly cheaper by staying at a hostel. Not only does the younger company make it a bit safer if your travelling by yourself; most have breakfast included. Not only are most $50-$60 a night or less, the free breakfast/wifi can scrap another $15-$20 off your food budget and internet roaming.


3. Skip Meals Out

Woah woah I can’t skip food. I hear your internal monologue y’all but on a recent trip to Melbourne what helped save some moula was eating a large brunch and dinner with snacks to help tide us over. Rather than $20 to $25 per meal ($60-75 all up) we’d spend $35-50 and have cheap cups of yoghurt, fruit & crackers. These snacks cost us $20 per person ($70/80 at the grocery store) but saved us in the long run.

Ps. We went one day to have a buffet brunch for $22 each which was SO good and we really filled up.. another op if you get famished real quick.

4. Fly into a smaller airport

Often with large cities there are multiple airports; nab a great deal at a smaller one and take public transport into your accom. With bus fares or trains costing less than $10 or $15 in most countries, depending on the deal you can often get flights for $50 to $100 less. It might take a little hustle and travelling but that could equal up to a museum pass or a fancy meal.


5. Travel with ‘family’

There’s heaps of discounts for travelling with friends.. split food, accom, drinks and transport. Rather than by single drinks by a jug and share. Share entrees at restaurants. Share ubers. If possible by multi day passes and pass them along. If renting an apartment/house see if they have an extra mattress or sofa bed. Often travel passes will give you % discounts if your buying multiples at one time such as eurail which gives 15% off. Really google into what you can and can’t split OR discounts for multiples.


Travel Well!

TRC xx



Are you Red-dy for it?

Hello LOVELY Readers,

Ewwww it’s ValDay soon. The day of holding hands and dancing in the rain with your significant other. It’s the time to rewatch ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ and check out RyGosling’s great abs. Titanic & Romeo + Juliet here we come. Regardless of whether your star watching with your fave human or having a “pity party” with friends – get decked out in Red hot red.

From sparkly metallics to picnic gingham to deep reds. Here’s some dress inspo for ValDay.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 3.31.42 pm


Top Middle: Anthropologie Cut Out Maxi Dress $228
Middle Left: Urban Outfitters Molly Smoked Gingham Mini Dress $59
Middle Right: Sportsgirl Button Front Midi Tea Dress $109.95
Bottom Left: Topshop Structured One Shoulder Bodycon Dress $90
Bottom Right : Missguided Red Sleeveless Belted Midi Blazer Dress $80.95


Much Love my gorgeous readers! Just a sidenote.. regardless of where you’re at with the relationship game have a lovely day! Relationships don’t make you or break you – YOU are amazing regardless! Keep an eye out for my brunch club series coming soon (foodies this one is for you!)