Hello lovely Readers!

Brrrr. I’m chilly and lying in bed typing this wondering when the snow will fall (plotwist it doesn’t really snow here) but the weather has turned and as cliche as it sounds ‘Winter is coming’. Along with that was my search for the perfect pair of leather boots.

Let’s windback time for a second. I’ve decided to invest more in my shoes especially leather ones so they last. I’d had cheaper boots that lost their shape, were uncomfortable and the materials were not tough enough to withstand constant use. Having done my research and keeping in mind my sort of widish feet I found these. You tubers and bloggers raved about these boots. So I went in to try them on.

They’re pretty stiff at first but the leather has already softened. I bought mine in black for $166 (I got 10% off for being a uni student). Black with silver buckling, made from leather and having a flat heel I was completely sold. They go with everything and make your feet look slimmer! (Yay! Like spanx for feet? … okay maybe not). The price may seem a little steep but these are the kind of boots you wear in and look better once worn in.

I finally found my holy grail. Links below picture!

topshop boot photo


AUD $185.00

Much Love,

The Retrograde Collective xx


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