Closet Collective #1. Style

Hello Readers!

Style is something I’ve learnt, that develops and changes. I cringe at photos of me loving anything neon at age 12 and that phase during middle school where I would only wear bright clothes. However I look back only partly cringing as I miss feeling confident enough to wear what I like. I feel like I’ve fallen into a  a deep dark neutral toned wardrobe hole. But in all honesty due to work and university and not getting up on time I’ve resorted to a wardrobe full of stripes, grey, denim and black. I feel like I’ve become almost lazy with my style.

It’s true that style changes and I’ve definitely mellowed out in terms of clashing bright colours but I realised I tend to wear what’s easiest rather than what I like best. But this year that’s all about to change. I want to challenge myself to find my style. Maybe it’s a little preppy, bohemian, street and bright all rolled into one. I want to do this closet collective series to inspire you. Whether your heading in a vintage direction or your favourite store is H&M I want you to get the most out of your wardrobe, love what your wearing and find your current style. I’m learning and growing alongside you about what my ‘style’ is right now. So let’s start together and be confident & love (the two outfit thumbs up!) what we wear.


Style Tips

+ Challenge yourself – add an extra accessory, layer or colour to your outfit

+ 1 piece, 3 ways – Similar to number 1 try to pick out something crazier then you’d normally wear and challenge yourself to style it 3 ways. Often this will help form outfit ideas & help you wear cool, unique pieces more.

+ Take screenshots of influencers, especially on Instagram. File these away in an album and when your stuck flick through it for inspiration while getting dressed in the morning.

+ Avoid shopping whenever you feel you lack inspiration for getting dressed. Often it’s not needing more clothes but needing help as to how to put them together; like a less complicated jigsaw puzzle. I find the impulse purchases drain you of shopping funds for things you really like or want.

+ Talk to friends whose style you admire or who are great at giving fashion advice. Ask them about colours or styles they think would suit you or just to get a second opinion on an outfit.


Much fashion & style love,

The Retrograde Collective xx



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