How To: Pack a travel wardrobe

Hello Readers!

After my recent trip over this holiday season I realised how important packing the right way was when I showed up with 23.5kg rather than 20kg in my bag at the airport. Luckily what I thought was going to be a financial disaster ended up being an example of how graceful airline employees could be. Over the course of the trip I started to wonder where I had gone wrong? I thought I’d been to enough tropical destinations to know what I needed but I’d still come up short. Although I’d worn most of my clothes I hadn’t worn them all.

I’m sure you’ve been in that spot too – overpacked, under packed, not seasonally appropriate clothes or just things that don’t make sense (hair straighteners when camping… Shout out to one of my friends!) I wanted to put together a little guide, I’m no expert but hopefully my past travel disasters can help you in the future.

  1. Focus on accessorising with jewellry & make up

The most simple way to change up your looks on holidays without breaking your budget or your bag is to bring or buy accessories. I recently travelled to Hawaii and I was more than willing to stock up on bright lipsticks and cheap sunnies. It’s a very light way to wear the same clothes in new and fun ways.

2. Limit ‘occasion’ items

No matter where your going I can guarantee 99% of the time you’ll only need a couple of nice dresses and a pair of black jeans or pants. Occasion wear done! You don’t want to be filling your suitcase with lots of ‘fancy’ outfits for dinners and theatres or operas for example. I made this mistake bringing four nice dresses when I only needed one or two. It’s a sure way of leaving space for essentials & helps you wear all the clothes you bring.

3. Neutral colour palette

Now some people can dress in all colours of the rainbow and have no trouble clashing prints, time periods and seasons all at once! (If you are one of those people hats off to you I could never do it) but a neutral colour palette of denim, stripes, black, grey & white (throw in some navy or olive colours if that’s what floats your boat!). It’s the simplest way to wear all your clothes & create new outfits on the spot easily.

4. Always bring spare unseasonal clothes

Have you ever arrived somewhere super cold only to find out there’s a hot tub? or a couple of cold days in a tropical paradise? Ahhh we’ve all made the mistake of not including extras. Bringing those extras means that you won’t have to forage in the middle of a skii resort for a bathing suit but it also means your not tempted to overspend. In Hawaii it was hot but the clothes were all winter clothes, such as in Forever 21. I was so close to leaving with a handful of sweaters, denim jackets & jumpers when really all I needed was one or two.

5. Bring your classics

One of the best ways to get the most out of your travel wardrobe is to bring pieces that are tried and true. If you love them at home your going to love wearing them abroad. Don’t bring things you love that your not scared to lose or to get damaged. A great extra tip would be to bring old clothes and shoes and then throw them out to leave even more space in your suitcase for all your new purchases!


Hope you enjoyed this post! Ps. I wrote a blogpost about travel trips in general and link it here. Go check it out!

The Retrograde Collective xx


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