Chats & Chai Lattes

Hello Readers,

Part of my New Year goals (aka resolutions but that seems to be a dangerous word, goals seems a little more achievable!) was to work on my blog. More focus on details & photography but in particular trying new series, formats and ideas. Eventually I hope that I can funnel it down to a few things I love to talk about and you guys want to read.

Going along with those goals, I myself (and hopefully you guys!) love bloggers who feel like your best friend, you can relate to them and want to get to know them. There isn’t too much about myself here other than my fashion favourites and style opinions but I’d like to change that. I was inspired by Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere; her weekday wardrobe posts are a must see for everyday fashion inspiration. She does posts about a certain topic and includes not only her opinion but the opinion of her husband and workmates.

I’d love to do a similar thing, talk about topics and get deep and meaningful. Even though the blog I run is a little mishmash of fashion, food and travel I’d love you guys to get to know me and for me to get to know you. These posts might be a little longer but I hope they make you think and inspire you to try things and do things that you might’ve thought you’d never be able to do.

I love long phone chats and those coffee dates where you get two coffees because the conversations are so interesting. I apologise to all those sydney cafes who’s table I’m hogging from new customers with more money to spend than I.

Let me know what you think!

Much love,

The Retrograde Collective xx


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