Pink Bakeries & filled doughnuts

Hello Readers,

If your anything like me your doughnut obsession is not slowing down. After eating most of sydneys’ doughnuts I believed that I was cured from my doughnut addiction. Oh how wrong am I?! The waikiki area is known for a local legend which creates incredible filled malasadas; a type of Portuguese donut. I visited the iconic, Leonard’s bakery.

With it’s Las Vegas inspired sign & bright pink packaging it’s hard to miss. The doughnuts are warm and sugared while some of them are filled with creams such as coconut, custard, chocolate and passion fruit. The doughnuts are delicious however are very different then your regular circular donut.

If you have a chance go for the experience and some photos (It’s extremely instagram friendly!) . My favourite flavours were chocolate & custard however I wouldn’t go back for any of the other flavours. It’s a must see if you have a chance to go to Waikiki.

Thanks for reading! Check out my last doughnut experience here!

The Retrograde Collective xx


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