2017. Top 5 Trends to try.

Hello Readers,

It’s a new year aka the perfect time to try some trends and to step out of the wardrobe comfort zone. Ditch the easy all black wardrobe for some cool new things that you can make or find on the cheap. Here are my Top 5 trends to try (or if your me buy more of!) ย for 2017..


  1. Distressing

Distressed hems, in denim jackets & t-shirts – get them into your life. Thanks to streetwear, holes and rips are in fashion and can be found on everyone and anyone.

2. Slide shoes

Backless loafers & mules, easy slip on and slip off shoes have been growing as a trend and I think it’s only going to get bigger. Try mules in pastel shades like baby blue and light pink for a pop of colour.

3. 3D Decoration

Sparkles, sequins, patches, badges and embroidery, you name it and it’s been put on jeans or a jacket or a leather jacket. Grab some patches from urban outfitters and do a little DIY on something you already have.

4. Off the shoulder

I love that anyone can wear this look – no matter what size, figure or anything like that. You can get off the shoulder tops or dresses for a breezy summer look. Try a striped off the shoulder top with high waisted mom shorts and brown sandals.

5. Graphic tees

Band tees, tv show merch and big colourful graphics. Layer them up with leather jackets, denim jackets and wrap flannels around your waist for an easy everyday look. Scavenge in your local thrift shop or vinnies for some oversized mens’ band tees.


Happy New Years Day!

The Retrograde Collective xx


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