Sparkle Baby Sparkle.

Hello Readers,

In the words of a desperate mother on Toddlers and Tiaras trying to help their poor overdressed child on stage to smile at the judges for a big crown, sparkle is the trend to try New Years Eve. It’s nothing new; the trend, but I’m seeing it embraced in new ways such as accordian pleated midi skirts, sequins and in 90’s cut clothing. (Think Friends, sparkly slip dresses and shiny chokers.)

Here are some sparkly little things to help you celebrate this New Years Eve & inspire your 2017 wardrobe..



Top Left : ASOS Hayden Block Heeled Sandals $59

Top Middle: Forever 21 Metallic Twist Front Head Wrap $3.90

Top Right: Anthropologie Quartz Narrow Cuff $178

Bottom Left: Sportsgirl  The Sequin Mini Dress $149.95

Middle Left: Urban Outfitters 2017 Party Glasses Set $14

Bottom Right: H&M  Glittery Pull On Pants $14.99


Have a fab New Years Eve & Day – Hope you have an incredible 2017!

Much Love, The Retrograde Collective xx





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