Hawaii finds.

Hello Readers,

How were your holidays? I hope you found gifts under the tree & spent time with family. I’m currently blogging from my apartment in hawaii, a small break from the crazy but insanely cool adventures I’ve been up to. I’ve drunk a LOT of Starbucks peppermint mocha frapps and feel very relaxed. This will be the first of a little ‘Hawaii’ series about what I’ve been buying, seeing and experiencing.

For my first post I want to share some of the purchases I made on boxing day. We decided to venture out to the Waikele premium outlets without really comprehending how insane it would be. I found some great bargains which I’ll share below. Let me know in the comments what bargains you found!

Kate Spade

This might be the best bargain but also took the most commitment. There was a huge line out the door and it took me an HOUR. Let me repeat an HOUR. To get into the tiny store and to make a purchase. The deal was 75% off clearance, 60% off or 60% off with an extra 20% off at the counter. You can imagine how insane it was. People were carrying 7 Kate Spade bags.

I ended up buying a gorgeous navy bag originally $380 I bought it for $80


Forever 21

The deal I got at Forever 21 was a pair of studded shoes similar to the Valentino rockstar shoes originally $30 I bought the for $9.99



Bath & Body Works

I was quite disappointed with the B&BW offerings, the deals were good but it seemed like they hiked the prices to give 50% off. I bought one three wick candle, smoked vanilla, and I remember them being about $22.00 each while the one I bought was $26.50 and with 50% off it was $13.25. I also bought a medium candle,winter, ย that was $14.50 with 50% off so it was around $7.25.




While not technically a special sale at the outlets I scored a pair of Adidas all white superstars for $80. Compared to Australia, where they are usually $130 I saved $50 which was exciting. I also bought a couple of shirts with the adidas logo, they were $10 each.




The Retrograde Collective xx


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