Stocking Fillers.

Hello Readers,

My last Christmas gift guide is a quick little something something for those of you who are running out of ideas. Santa is coming in T minus 5 days (not including today!) so get your skates on to the shops or online for those last minute gifts!

I’m pretty proud of this little gift guide as helpful as it is I think it’s the first blogpost I’ve done some proper blogger flat lay and photograph editing for. Hope you enjoy it!

My previous, general gift guide can be found here. My friend Catherine has relaunched her blog with a far more comprehensive gift guide which you can find here. AND last but not least check out my instagram here. 




Top Left: Kikki K wooden alphabet & stamp set $19.95

Bottom Left: Variety of Isabelle Scott make up brushes found at Trade Secret (TKmaxx) $12.95 +

Right Side: The Grounds english rose tea – Under $10 (it was a gift) similar loose leaf teas can be found at T2 here


Merry Christmas!

– The Retrograde Collective x


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