Short Stop Coffee & Donuts.


Hello Readers,

A couple of days ago I ventured out to the city looking for donuts. Maybe it’s just me but Sydney’s donut quality and creativity has peaked over this last year. Between Woah Nelly, Donut Time, Donut Box and Brewtown Newtown (and many many more of course) there are too many fillings, toppings, exotic flavour names and types to choose from.

My friend (check out her instagram here!) decided to wander down to Barangaroo. Pretty harbour views and a sunny day equalled the perfect photography set up for our donuts (we got many weird stares I promise you!). But on to Short Stop. It’s little shop has only two things on the menu; hot beverages and donuts. A little glass box holds all the donuts so you can see them making it easy to choose what you want.

What I appreciated most about their donuts, as a self-proclaimed donut connoisseur, was that they had ditched the neon icing and lolly toppings for really interesting unique flavours.  My friend got the Earl Gray and Rose Cake. I got a hazelnut salted chocolate donut (I can’t find the actual name but it was something along those lines). Both were incredible and I want to go back and try them all! This is perfect for those who love donuts that use interesting ingredients and mesh them together.


Check them out in Sydney and Melbourne over Summer.


Much Love,

The Retrograde Collective xx


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