Grounds of Alexandria.

Hello Readers,

One of my favourite places to Eat & Go has to be the Grounds of Alexandria. It’s not simply a cafe or restaurant but almost an experience. Set out like a little farm you feel almost transported somewhere far, far away in the country. There are little carts selling doughnuts, pastries and fresh lemonade (The rose lemonade not only looks amazing but tastes amazing!).

There’s a fountain, a flower shop, a bar and a bakery. These ‘Grounds’ have to be one of the most picture (read: instagram) worthy places to visit in Sydney. The food is fresh and I love the idea of picking up snacks/little pastries or a coffee to take home. The pricing varies but you can find something to eat or drink for almost any budget. Get yourself down to this little gem in Alexandria or to the pop up at Sculptures By the Sea and follow it on instagram if you need any more convincing that you have to visit pronto!



Much Love, The Retrograde Collective xx


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