Bread & Circus

Hello Readers,

My first ‘Eat’ post! Finally getting back into the routine of blogging more regularly feels good. Especially when I’m not restricting myself to just fashion. I explored Bread & Circus with one of my good friends, Cath (aka. CocoGrace – Check her blog out it’s amazing!) and we both loved it mainly because there were a zillion photo taking opportunities. There’s already a photo up on Instagram (check it out here).

It was also sort of momentous as it was the first time pulling out the DSLR to take photos in public. You do get a couple of strange looks but with the incredible foodie/food blog scene no one was freaking out about it. Now onto a bit about Bread & Circus..

Bread & Circus is decorated in flower, pastel colours and wooden furniture. It has a bit of a cluttered vintage store vibe but in bright pinks and green and blues. You sit on share tables and it’s location is actually in almost a canteen/food court. There are various other cafes around in the one building (think Coogee pavilion).

The food is a dream. I love that Bread & Circus balance being really healthy and yummy food with not being way out there, there were no ‘activated foods’ thank goodness! I tried a salad box and it had carrot, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, pine nuts, goats cheese and various other vegetables. It came with some of their homemade bread which was great for making ‘toast’ with the box of ingredients.




Check out the Bread & Circus instagram!

Let me know what you thought about this ‘Eat’ blog post as well!

Much Love, The Retrograde Collective


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