Your the Bomb(er jacket)

Hello Readers,

My first official post on the updated blog; It’s a little bit older, wiser and expanded to be more than just fashion. Get excited for blogposts about cool cafes, travel and of course back to where it all started. Fashion. I love the idea of combining fashion and cafes and cool places. Sharing little hidden treasures, photographing them and talking about them!

Feel free to comment, message or tag me in things your inspired by or want to know. A little about me – I’m currently studying at uni, 20 and living in Sydney.

For those who don’t know I love outwear. Like love, love it. Majority of my money goes towards outerwear, footwear or food. I wanted to jump on the bandwagon but I hadn’t found any that I really liked. Most were padded in black or khaki. The shiny and silky material on some of the bombers wasn’t my style either.

However I found this one at Jay Jaysย which was floral (tick), lightweight (tick) and worked with the upcoming spring/summer weather in Sydney (double tick). YAY.


Aud $59.95

Run out and get yourself one! Whether it be coloured, printed or embroidered the Bomber Jacket is the ‘it’ outerwear of the season. Pair with a grey t- shirt, black jeans and brown sandals for an easy, chilled outfit.

Can’t wait for more fun blogposts!

Love, The Retrograde Collective


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